Unveiling Universal SEO Strategies: Insights from Global SEO Lead, Veronika Höller

August 1, 2023


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Veronika Höller stands out as an exceptional individual with a wealth of experience and accomplishments. With over 15 years of expertise in SEO and PPC marketing, her journey from a copywriter and PPC Manager in a small Ads Agency to becoming a GlobalSenior SEO Lead at CompuGroup Medical is truly inspiring. Throughout her career, Veronika has honed her skills across various facets of digital marketing, encompassing content, technology, PPC, SMM, and UX.

In this exclusive interview, Veronika shares her invaluable insights on universal SEO strategies that transcend industry boundaries. As a firm believer in viewing SEO as a holistic puzzle, she emphasises the importance of aligning all the pieces together to elevate rankings and unlock a website’s true potential in driving business success. Join us as we explore Veronika’s remarkable SEO journey and discover the secrets behind her impressive achievements.


Q1: Veronika, with your extensive experience in SEO, could you share some universal strategies that you believe apply across various sectors?

Veronika: Of course! What has proven to be effective across all sectors is the synergy between technical SEO and content SEO. Irrespective of the business type, classic optimizations like meta data, image titles, and alt tags should always be tailored to individual pages. Crafting a compelling narrative around your service or product on every landing page is crucial. Furthermore, align all multimedia content with your brand story while prioritizing a user-oriented approach rather than solely catering to search engines. Collaboration with your PPC and Social Media teams or agencies is vital for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Q2: Could you provide some insights on the most impactful SEO changes you’ve seen in recent years and how they have shaped digital marketing strategies?

Veronika: One of the most significant changes has been the rise of social media platforms. This evolution compelled search engines to enhance their search capabilities by making it more interactive and engaging. Prominent examples include Microsoft with BING & ChatGPT, Google Lens, and Google’s new algorithm MUM. As SEOs, we must evolve beyond merely directing people to our websites using keywords. Instead, we need to focus on understanding their intentions and provide a diverse range of multimedia content, such as podcasts, videos, infographics, and user-friendly texts. The web is becoming more emotionally-driven, and privacy concerns must be acknowledged. A successful digital strategy now demands seamless coordination across PPC, SEO, and SMM.

Q3: How do you align SEO efforts with other marketing channels for a holistic approach in an ever-evolving digital landscape?

Veronika: Collaboration and communication play a crucial role in aligning SEO efforts with other marketing channels. It’s essential to work together, build landing pages collaboratively, review page content, ads, and social media posts. Our aim is to repurpose multimedia content across all channels, customizing it to suit the unique requirements of each platform. The user journey is no longer linear, so we strive to ensure users can quickly navigate and feel at ease, regardless of their touchpoint.

Q4: As Global SEO Lead, what are some key considerations or tips you would suggest for brands trying to increase their global online presence?

Veronika: A critical aspect of international SEO success is avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach. Each country is unique, with its own cultural, linguistic, and local differences. To increase global online presence, brands must account for these variations, engage with local teams, conduct thorough market analyses, and adapt strategies to suit country-specific circumstances. Rigid guidelines should be replaced with flexibility and attentiveness to country-specific search engines like Seezam for the Czech Republic and Qwant for France, among others.

Q5: In your view, how has the integration of AI and machine learning impacted SEO practices and how do you foresee this evolution in the coming years?

Veronika: AI has revolutionized SEO practices, particularly in areas like keyword research, image creation, and content concepts. As AI continues to advance, it may eventually replace certain tasks entirely. While some may fear job displacement, I believe AI will create new opportunities for learning and growth. Embracing AI as a powerful tool will help us stay ahead in the ever-changing SEO landscape.

Q6: SEO can often seem like a complex and technical field to those not directly involved in it. How can non-technical team members better understand and contribute to a company’s SEO strategies?

Veronika: You are right; SEO can be complex. To bridge the understanding gap, I recommend explaining the technical side of SEO in simpler terms. Non-technical team members should be made aware that SEO encompasses not only content but also the technical aspects of a website, ensuring a positive user experience. The focus should be on fast and smooth page navigation, clear visibility of elements, and error-free browsing. For developers, clear communication of requirements and showcasing the successes achieved through these implementations fosters understanding and trust.


As we conclude this enlightening interview with Veronika, we cannot help but be inspired by her journey and wealth of knowledge in the world of SEO and digital marketing. Her dedication to mastering all aspects of the field, from content and technology to PPC, SMM, and UX, serves as a testament to her remarkable expertise.

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